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Embroidered Fleece

Embroidered Fleece

Embroidered Fleece

Ultimate Fleece

The special anti-pill fabric consists of tightly packed fibres that give you warmth without the bulk. Paneled construction gives you modern edge styling that's available in both men's and ladies fit.

Standard Fleece

Unisex cut fleece in a substantial 300gsm weight. Available in 5 popular colours and up to size 5XL. If you're looking for a no-frills fleece at a keen price then this is the fleece for you. 

* All our fleece prices include embroidery.

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Unisex Standard FleeceRobust fleece with a toggle hem which you can wear straight or fitte..
£13.00 Includes embroidery
Youth FleeceSuper warm fleece. Perfect for tough environments and schoolwea..
£12.50 Includes embroidery
Men's Ultimate FleeceThe ultra sharp, no comprimise fleece. Very modern styling with ..
£20.00 Includes embroidery
Ladies Ultimate FleeceOur modern, no comprimise fleece. Ladies fit with these unique ..
£20.00 Includes embroidery